Decorating ideas that will transform your home!

When it comes to home decorating, all interior designers agree on one rule – to keep the original architecture in mind. Now, this is quite straightforward for homes that have been designed in a modern or contemporary style. However, when it comes to decorating traditional spaces, most people are stumped.

While there’s nothing wrong with traditional décor, many people don’t like the idea of living in a home which belongs to another era. Even if you feel the same way, don’t give your home a complete upheaval by throwing out your traditional décor. Instead, you should create a balance between traditional and modern elements in your home. 

Don’t worry if you don’t know where to start – we’re here to help you out. So, keep reading this post to discover some amazing decorating ideas that will promote a balance between traditional and modern styles.

Brighten up your space

The simplest way (and my personal favourite) to give a traditional space a modern touch is by brightening the space. I’m sure you’ve noticed that most traditional homes are somewhat dimly lit. However, by adding a touch of bright colours, you’ll instantly create a balance between modern and traditional looks.

There are many colours which are perfect for brightening up your space. Rich canary yellow, Klein blue and soft mint green are all great choices for creating this look. 

Stack books horizontally

Traditionally, books have always been stacked vertically whether in libraries or anywhere else. However, by stacking books horizontally in your space, you can immediately give it a modern look. 

To really complete this look, create multiple stacks and keep some space between them. This will give a modern look to even the most traditional of settings. Alternatively, you can also use a mix of vertical and horizontal stacks to create more of a traditional aesthetic.

Use contemporary artwork

Another great way to infuse a modern touch to a traditional setting is by hanging contemporary artwork off the walls. This juxtaposition creates an interesting visual effect that will be loved by most people. 

If you’re going for this look, choose artwork with colours that complement your traditional furnishings and décor. 

Add transparent elements

Ever noticed that traditional décor always includes upholstered furniture and dark woods with almost no transparent elements? Well, by adding some transparent elements, you can instantly give a traditional home a modern touch. 

To create this look, consider using acrylic chandeliers, glass bar carts or Lucite coffee tables to add transparency. And, the great thing about this look is that you don’t have to bother about colour combinations at all!

Use solid colours

Traditional décor always includes intricate patterns and designs. To modernise such traditional settings, use solid colours on your walls. Keep away from patterns and use a mix of textures, finishes and modern furniture to transform any traditional settings.

Create unexpected breaks

When it comes to traditional home décor and furnishings, most people stick to the rules. However, by creating an unexpected visual break in a traditional setting, you can instantly make it look modern.

There are really no rules to creating unexpected visual breaks. Just play around and juxtapose elements until you do something that makes you go wow!

Layer identical prints

Layering different prints is something that can often be seen in traditional settings. However, by layering identical prints, you can give any traditional setting a bold touch. So, go ahead and twist the traditions by displaying identical graphic prints on your walls.

Add global elements

Traditional decorating usually involves making use of classic décor elements from China, Europe or America. However, by adding global elements, you can give your space a quirky and modern look. Think in terms of décor elements from South Asia, Africa, South America or anywhere else. When you add these to traditional décor, you’ll give your space a modern and worldly flair. 

Try out different layouts

Finally, by changing the layout of a traditional space, you can give it a fantastic new look. For instance, you can consider floating a daybed in the midst of traditional furniture. The trick here is to experiment with different layouts until you find something that catches your fancy. And, don’t be afraid to try out something unusual!

So, there you have it – these are some decorating ideas that’ll help you transform any traditional space into something modern. The best thing about these ideas is that they are incredibly easy to implement. And, you don’t have to get rid of your beloved traditional décor to implement these ideas.

Which of these decorating ideas is your favourite? Have you already made use of any of these ideas knowingly or unknowingly? Either way, do leave me your thoughts in the comments section below. I’ll be really happy to hear from you!