Amazing Fall Decorating Ideas for Your Mantel

Decorating fireplace mantels is the most anticipated holiday tradition. However, as the season ends, the décor goes with it. But as the romantic and melancholically sweet fall season kicks in, decorating the mantel and fireplace to warm things up becomes a priority for every homeowner. There are plenty of décor ideas that can easily be realised without eating into your bank account.

For example, a simple décor idea that entails using fruits and veggies, faux, and nuts will easily set the mood of the season. Throw in a vintage frame with a vintage touch. You can also opt for mirrors and portraits. You can also add some flowers, candles, and vases for a more classical decoration and to give the mantelpiece a cool look. Add some autumn leaves as well as spikes and moss placed in vases and bowls.

A fireplace mantel is usually the focal point of a room. Learning how to capitalise on the with fireplace mantel décor ideas will make your room even more appealing. Just like other displays, the mantel display needs a perfect balance and proportion. Avoid placing items randomly.

Regardless of what you place on the mantel, the tips below should always be in your mind.

  1. The items you used should be of varying shapes and sizes. The taller items should be placed at the back with the smaller ones at the front.
  2. Try layering the items in front of each other to create depth. Keep in mind that it is not a photo and it is unlikely that anyone will look at it straight on. The items in the foreground should always overlap the ones placed in the back.
  3. If you love symmetry, the popular formula used involves placing the largest item at the centre. This could be a bowl of flowers. Place matching articles on each side to create a mirror image.
  4. If you choose to work with multiple items, go for odd numbers. For example, instead of two candles used three or five vases instead of four. This rule applies to everything in decorating. Odd numbers appeal more than evens.
  5. The mantel should be anchored with matching items on its sides to bring in an appeal.
  6. Avoid using a completely random collection of items. Instead, stick to items that complement each other regarding colour, style, and theme. These objects should easily blend in with each other in some way.
  7. When it comes to decorating your fireplace mantel, balance does not usually mean matching. Instead, you can have a few lightweight items on one side and visually heavy items on the other to create a balance.
  8. To make a piece the centre of attention, you can have a larger item placed at the centre.
  9. Overcrowding is not a good idea! Avoid placing too many items on the mantel, as this will leave it looking overcrowded. The items should have breathing room, or they will get lost in a mess.

Some of the common fireplace mantel decorating ideas, especially those focusing on balance and proportion can be quite confusing, but that is not the case. By simply using your eyes, you can tell when something is not working. The secret is to continue experimenting until you find it pleasing to the eye. The one thing you should remember is that no single display is permanent. You must keep moving things around and enjoy playing with the setup.

Fall is here, and if you have not yet decorated your fireplace mantel, it is time for you get started to celebrate the holiday season in style. The fireplace is meant to be a cosy spot for your loved ones to gather, especially during the fall season. Decorating the mantel will brighten up your home and give it a festive feel.

The décor you go for largely depends on the style you are looking for as well as the touches you intend to add in the interior scheme. You can go for a fireplace mantel décor with neutrals, or go for something bursting with colours to create a focal point of your room.

To give you décor some rusticity, consider using materials of burlap coupled with check fabrics. Add a touch of natural elements using vegetables such as pumpkins, berries, fruits, and branches among much more. Faux is the easiest to maintain although it all depends on the look that you are after.