Decorating ideas for compact spaces

With Christmas just around the corner, everyone is hustling to get their homes decorated. However, if you own a small home, then decorating your compact space for the holiday season can be a big challenge.

But, even if you live in a small dwelling, it doesn’t mean that you should forgo your seasonal cheer. We have you completely covered with some amazing holiday decorating ideas for tiny spaces. These ideas are easy to implement and will fill your home with festive cheer and good spirit.

Smart décor for kitchens and bathrooms

Many people who live in compact spaces add décor to their kitchens and bathrooms to compensate for the lack of space. While this is not too bad of an idea, you must remember that kitchens and bathrooms are heavily used areas. And, this happens more so during the holidays.

Instead of smearing decorations all over your kitchen and bathroom, try and keep things clean and tidy. A great way to decorate small kitchens and bathrooms is by tying small wreaths or ornaments to your storage cabinets. This way, you can introduce a festive touch in your kitchen and bathroom without it interfering with day-to-day life.

Capitalise on height

When it comes to holiday decorations, most people add decorations to their walls and floors. This works great in larger spaces, but it is not a good idea for spaces that lack width. In smaller spaces, adding decorations to the floor and walls will only make space appear cluttered and too busy.

For small spaces, think of capitalising on height instead of width. A simple, but a great way to do so is by hanging cardstock snowflake designs from your ceiling. You don’t even need a hammer or nails to do this. Just grab some tape, hop on a ladder and hang your cardstock snowflakes. You can easily remove them once the holiday season passes.

Add emphasis to your Christmas tree

If you live in a small space, then it is obvious that you cannot go with a tall Christmas tree. But, even if you have a small Christmas tree, you can make the most of it.

To add emphasis to a small Christmas tree, place it in a small wooden crate and elevate it at the bottom. By doing so, the branches will rest above the top of the box, offering a rustic and cosy look. You can even add upholstery, ornaments and fill the space in the crate with burlap. This will add a magic touch to even the smallest of Christmas trees.

If you don’t even have room for a small tree, you can create artificial hanging shelves to display your decorations. Festive shelving will add the Christmas touch to your home even without a Christmas tree. And, it is very easy to create such a shelf. Just arrange wooden shelves from small to big in the shape of a Christmas tree and use a clothesline to add borders to your shelves.

Use lights

Using lights properly can make a big difference to your decorations, no matter how small your space is. Christmas is associated with warmth and good cheer. By using lights along with your decorations, you can add a festive touch to even the smallest of spaces.

One of the best ways to use lights for decorating is by using soft lights behind wreaths or garlands. This will work even better if your home has a neutral colour palette, but it works fine otherwise too. To spice things up, you can always add accents in gold or red for some additional flair.

Simplify your centrepieces

People who live in large spaces splurge on centrepieces while decorating for Christmas. While some people go for glittering sculptures, others choose huge flower bouquets. None of this may be possible in smaller spaces, but by simplifying centrepieces, you can still make a great impression.

To simplify your centrepieces and yet have them looking attractive, you’ll need to think outside the box. One great idea to make your very own centrepieces is by using small jars or glass cylinders. Just add some pine leaves, pine cones, a little water and a candle, and you’ll have an amazing centrepiece. If you have multiple centrepieces, arrange them in the shape of a cone to replicate a Christmas tree.

So, there you go – these are some easy and simple holiday decorating ideas for small and tiny spaces. Sure, there are plenty of other things you can do to decorate a small space, but these ideas are incredibly simple. You’ll find it very easy to implement the ideas that I have mentioned above.

Have you already made use of any of these ideas to decorate your space? Or do you know of any great decorating ideas that I may not have included in this post? Either way, do leave me your thoughts in the comments section below. I’ll be looking forward to hearing from you!