Back to basics

Apart from using lighting, colours and elements, you can also make use of some basic tricks to alter a space visually. Proper arrangement of furniture, reorganizing fixtures and fittings and decluttering make any room appear spacy, neat and tidy.

I completely understand that rearranging furniture and reorganizing fixtures and fittings can be a challenge in small spaces. The best way to get around this problem is by getting rid of all unnecessary features. This will allow you to open up a lot of free space in your rooms.

Working with small and tight interior space can be a challenge for even the best of designers. However, there are certain design tricks you can use to alter the visual appearance of a small or disproportionate room. For instance, using the proper lighting techniques and choosing the right colour scheme can make a huge difference visually to interiors. Moreover, choosing the correct material finishes and using patterns and textures wisely can also modify the visual appearance of a space. Finally, the proper arrangement of furniture and reducing fittings and fixtures can also help make a space appear neater and larger.