Best Fall Candle and Home Fragrance Scents

The holidays are coming fast and so is the fall! Candles are a staple in our homes. Although we love burning scented candles every now and then, we get excited to give our homes an extra glow during the fall. Scented candles will pamper your senses and create a warm and welcoming feeling of the fall.

We went out to find out the best fragrance scents for your home during the fall. Here are a few that you should consider stocking up today.

Leaves, Bath and Body Works

If a unique fragrance is what you are looking for, then this typical alluring candle scent will do the trick. Exemplifying a distinct smell of outdoor day, this scent is common with golden-brown candles represent the changing leaf color is October draws closer. Such candles also come with a rich combination of spiced berry nectar, red apple, and golden nectar that will keep your home radiating with its fragrance. Besides the enchanting scent, these candles are made with special wicks that do not burn out.

Pumpkin Spiced Latte

If you smell the wonder of the pumpkin spiced latte, then you know that fall is upon us. Fall would not be the same without the classic scent of spiced pumpkin. This autumnal aroma is a favorite for most people and combines the soothing fragrance of pumpkin and cloves, cinnamon, nutmeg, coffee, and brown sugar. Since candles that produce spiced pumpkin are made using ingredients that give true to life scents, you can expect your house to retain the autumn smell even after the candle has been blown out.

Warm Vanilla

The scent of steamed vanilla is still the ultimate fragrance not only for the fall but across the year. This aroma takes your mind back the simpler times, making it a wonderful indulgent addition to your home this fall.


Give your home a sense of relaxation while promoting a healthy respiratory system with a sweet aromatic scent. Yes! Anise, can do that too! We like to describe it as licorice-like. Besides being a strong antiseptic, anise is known for antifungal properties. This sweet aromatic scent comes with a spicy undertone.

Home Baked Cookies

Nothing beats the aroma of home baked goods. You can expect everyone to get behind this classic home fragrance for the fall. If you are unable to eat a plate full of cookies, this fall candle scent will get you close enough.

Berry Tart

There is something between the fall and desserts. But must you sacrifice your waistline to enjoy your favorite dessert this fall? Not really! With a Berry tart scented candle burning in your home, you will find that these aromas featuring mixed berried baked with spices will help keep those cravings in check.

When deciding the candles to buy, consider the home fragrance that creates the ultimate balance of fond memories and soothing smells. Regardless of the candles your pick, ensure that the scent takes your mind back to the wonderful times you shared with your loved ones over the holidays.

So grab a fall scented candle and infuse your home and a few more to share as gifts. It is a thoughtful way of saying thank you to your loved ones. And remember to take a photo when you light up the fall scented candle for the first time!