Bring good vibes to your living room with these simple Feng Shui tips

Whether or not you believe in Feng Shui, there’s certainly no denying that it brings with it fresh decorating ideas. In fact, this is a major reason why many interior designers and home decorators use Feng Shui concepts for decorating. 

If you’ve read our previous blogs, then you’re probably aware that we’re big fans of Feng Shui ourselves. We believe that if some decorating tweaks can add positivity and harmony to your life, then there’s no harm in trying them out. That’s why we’re constantly on the lookout!

Today, I will list some simple Feng Shui décor ideas that’ll help you bring good vibes into your living room. These tips will also allow you add a touch of freshness to your space, so do make sure to follow them.

Choose your accessories with care

Adding accessories to living rooms is something that everyone does. However, according to the concepts of Feng Shui, you must not simply keep adding accessories to your space. Instead, you should focus on creating a meaningful space with only those accessories which you love.

Feng Shui also stresses the importance of keeping your space neat, tidy and uncluttered. Not just Feng Shui, but it is also scientifically proven that clutter can negatively impact our energy levels. This is because humans are influenced by their environment, both in a subconscious and conscious manner. So, remove the clutter from your living room and put only those accessories on display which evoke happy emotions. When you see such accessories, you’ll feel a pleasant sense of positivity – something which all of us could do more with.

Embrace colours

While some people choose neutral pastel shades for their living rooms, others go with bold, vivacious colours. All this is well and good, but if you want to decorate keeping Feng Shui in mind, you’ll need to choose colours carefully.

As per Feng Shui, your living room colours should be determined by Bagua maps, compass direction or the five elements. For instance, if your room faces south then Feng Shui suggests that you should embrace warm colours such as yellows, red-oranges, purples and pinks.  

Now, you need not cover your entire room with these colours. You can simply use accents to highlight these colours in your space. Furnishings such as artwork, rugs and cushions can also help you add coloured accents to your room.

Function over form

In my experience, most homeowners decorate by keeping form over function. However, every designer and even Feng Shui concepts advise you against this. Before you think of decorating your space, consider what activities will happen in your living room. By understanding the function of your living room, you can take an informed decision on what furniture you really need. While you can decide on furniture arrangement, make sure that you keep your space accessible and unobstructed. 

Also, Feng Shui stresses that your couch and sofas should assume a commanding position in your living room. From there on, you can decide where to place your TV and other accessories and furnishings in your space. 

Liven up your space

Every Feng Shui practitioner will tell you that life force energy should be added to a room, especially living rooms. This life force energy or chi plays an important role in promoting energy flow in your space. You should consider livening up your space to promote the flow of chi.

Thankfully, this is quite easy to achieve. All you need to do is to add some plants to your space, and you’ll instantly add positive energy. While you can go with any plant, if you really want to follow Feng Shui, you should consider bamboo plants, rubber plants, snake plants, peace lilies and English ivies. These are said to promote positive vibes. They will also add a natural look thanks to their leafy textures and patterns.

Add a mirror

Finally, Feng Shui also advises that you should use a mirror in small living rooms. Mirrors work great in visually expanding a space because they reflect light. But not just that – Feng Shui claims that mirrors also reflect and promote the flow of energy within a space. A mirror can double the energy of whatever it is reflecting.

So, go ahead and add a mirror to your living space. Just take a little care in doing so as Feng Shui advises you against particular mirror placements. Make sure that your mirror is not positioned directly across the front door as this will reflect opportunities away. Also, make sure that your mirror allows every member of your family to view their entire heads, shoulders and chest line. 

There you go – these are some really simple Feng Shui tips that can completely transform your living room. Do give them a try and you’ll certainly add positive cheer to your space. 

Are you a Feng Shui practitioner yourself? Do you make use of any other decorating ideas to promote positive vibes in your living room? Do let me know your thoughts and I’ll be waiting to hear from you!