Chandelier Do’s and Don’ts for Home Décor

Take your home décor a notch higher with stylish and shiny chandelier. Whether it is a glam featuring shimmering crystal pendants or rustic iron, there is perfect spectacular lighting option for every room in your home. It’s hard for the eye to miss a chandelier especially with their glittering presence that gives the room a whimsy, charm, and a sense of drama.

There are different styles of foyer chandeliers available on the market. If you are looking for something, more tradition and ornamental, a tiered or classic chandelier is the ideal option. These chandeliers will also add formality to your space. For an enchanting atmosphere rather than a formal one, go for a crystal chandelier. With such chandeliers, every piece of the crystals uniquely reflects light, drawing the eyes to its iridescent beauty.

Lighting is an essential element in any perfectly designed home. How you light up your space depends on how we see it. This explains why most homeowners spend a great deal of time deciding on the lighting and where to place it. However, the lighting in your room is more than a functional requirement. It is an essential design element on its own.

Proper lighting can be the much-needed finish touch for your desired style in the room, be it rustic, mid-century, or an ultra-modern style. Nevertheless, if you are looking for a chic and timeless style for your space, nothing outshines the classics like the chandeliers.

Chandeliers are the perfect addition to a room. Besides providing unique lighting from some of the best places, as a key element of design, chandeliers tend to effortlessly steal the show or bring in an extra to an already perfectly designed space.

However, a great as these lighting pieces can be, they also present several challenges. Figuring out the right size and how high to hang the chandeliers can be quite challenging. All it takes is a few easy tips to make your search for the ideal chandelier seamless.

Check out the do and don’ts of all you need to know about decorating your space with chandeliers.

  1. Always ensure that the chandelier you get is the right size.  The rule to follow is always to convert your answer to inches. The answer in inches represents the diameter of the fixture.
  2. Don’t always follow the rule above when it comes to the dining area. Instead, you should also look at your table’s size as another factor to consider.
  3. If you considering a chandelier for the dining room, it’s diameter should be half to max one-third of your dining table’s width. As a rule of thumb, you may also consider it one foot less than dining table’s width.
  4. Do choose big when it comes to your dining room. If the chandelier appears too large, hang it closer to the ceiling to avoid an overwhelming feeling.
  5. Don’t let the chandelier get closer than 4-feet from the wall. It should never be closer than 48 inches to any furniture.

This might not always apply when dealing with small spaces, but it is worth keeping in mind.