Coffee table books every fashion lover must own

If there’s one thing, every fashion lover likes – it is to have a beautifully decorated living room. While many people go to great lengths in decorating their space, most people overlook one important aspect – the coffee table.

Yes, the coffee table is often looked upon as a humble decorative piece. But you must remember that it is also the focal point and the centre of attention of your space. As such, your table deserves a stylish surface and a fashion coffee table book. And, you can set the tone of your interiors based on this central focal point.

So, which coffee table books should fashion lovers own? To be honest, there are plenty of great books out there. However, I have curated this list to include some incredibly trendy, creative and chic coffee books with stunning covers – especially for the fashion fanatics. Make sure you get all of them!

Harper’s Bazaar Models | Derek Blasberg

Who hasn’t wished for a backstage pass into a supermodel’s life? In fact, this voyeuristic obsession is so common that Harper’s Bazaar has dedicated an entire book to it. Models celebrate the rich lives of 28 of the biggest supermodels the world has ever seen – ranging from Iman to Lara Stone and Cindy Crawford to Hilary Rhoda among many others. With juicy anecdotes, a stylish hardcover and exclusive backstage content – Models deserves to be on every fashion lover’s coffee table.

Images of Women II | Peter Lindbergh

Images of Women II is an internationally acclaimed book which serves as the definitive reference for fashion photography. This book showcases some of Lindbergh’s finest photos taken between 2005-2014. Featuring stunning portraits of iconic models and actresses such as Isabella Rossellini, Kate Moss, Monica Bellucci and Milla Jovovich among others, this book is a true celebration of women and style.

Chanel | Francois Baudot

Coco Chanel is probably the biggest female fashion designer who revolutionised style for women. Not just that, she even built a global empire and is considered to be the original lady-boss. Francois Baudot takes the life of this fashion icon and presents it in a charismatic and chic manner in Chanel. This book commemorates how Coco Chanel inadvertently changed the global fashion landscape back in the day.

Alexander McQueen | Andrew Bolton

Alexander McQueen was an influential fashion designer known for his radical and whimsical designs. He is highly revered in the fashion community for combining technological innovation and haute couture in his designs. Andrew Bolton captures McQueen’s stunning anthology in this book which makes for a captivating and provocative read. A must-have coffee table book for any fashion lover.

Advanced Style | Ari Seth Cohen

While the fashion industry is mostly obsessed with the youth, Advanced Style is one book which celebrates fashion for those over 60. Initially launched as a blog, Advanced Style was meant to document the fashion sense of older women living in stylish suburbs. This book is quirky, unique and different and makes for an excellent addition to any coffee table.

Becoming | Cindy Crawford

Cindy Crawford is no stranger to the world of fashion. The iconic American model shot to international fame in the 90s, being featured on countless runways, magazine covers and even music videos. Becoming is her autobiography which is a chronicle of her career and her life – showcasing little stories and life lessons she learnt on the way. If you were to choose only one fashion book for your coffee table, it might as well be Becoming.

Louis Vuitton Windows | Vanessa Friedman

Ever wondered why most retail stores tend to splurge on their storefront windows? Well, it’s because well-designed windows captivate us and entice us into seeing what lies beyond. And, even more, exciting are luxurious windows that can be found in upscale homes. Louis Vuitton Windows presents a wonderful compilation of some of the best window designs and styles – ranging from the timeless to the modern. This hardbound book is more of a work of art which truly deserves its place on a fashion lover’s coffee table.

Impact | Patricia Mears

In a world where everyone adores and reveres iconic and classic fashion, next generation designers are the ones who will carry the industry forward. The Council of Fashion Designers of America nurtures some of the best young talents to transform them into industry leaders. Impact gives you an insight into the history of CFDA and also includes personal statements from some influential designers from all over. And, the electric pink cover of this book is sure to make it an instant hit on any coffee table!

So, there you have it – these are my top picks for coffee table books that every fashion lover must own. Sure, there may be plenty of other great books out there, but these are arguably the most popular and most sought-after coffee table books by fashion lovers all over the world.

Do you own any of these coffee table books? Or do you know of any other amazing book which deserves to make it on this list? Do let me know your thoughts in the comments section below and I’ll be glad to hear from you!