Combining interior elements

There are various interior elements that allow you to create an optical illusion and improve the size and proportion of a room. For example, finishing materials, patterns and textures and mirrors are some such elements that can completely transform a room.

Matte finishes tend to absorb light and reflect very little of it. They help to make a space look more comfortable, albeit smaller. On the other hand, glossy surfaces reflect more light and they can add the illusion of space to interiors. Similarly, transparent and translucent materials allow light to pass through and they can be used to enlarge a room visually.

Same goes with mirrors and I’m sure you’ve noticed them being used in elevators and other tight spaces. Mirrors reflect the maximum amount of light and a full-length mirror can even double a space visually. Now, I’m not asking you to cover your entire room in mirrors. Experiment a little to find the right balance for your interior space.

Patterns and textures can make a room appear busy and smaller. However, certain patterns such as stripes can create an illusion of space. Use vertical stripes to elongate a room’s height and use horizontal stripes to elongate a room’s length. Stripes can also be used on ceilings and floors to the same effect.