Fantastic horse prints that will fill your home with good spirit

Whether you’re into the equestrian life or not, I’m sure you agree with me that horses are magnificent creatures. Horses have been an object of interest to humans for ages – people have sketched them, made paintings of them and have captured their spirit in photographs for many years now.

Of late, I have been noticing an increase in stunning horse photographs being used as interior prints. After finding scores of stunning interior prints on Instagram and Pinterest, I thought that it might be a good time to talk a little about them. 

So, continue reading this post as I list some fantastic horse prints that’ll fill your home with good spirit. These monochrome interior prints complement modern lighting, neutral walls and simple frames perfectly. You won’t go wrong in choosing any of these for your home. 

Pony Art Print

This gorgeous print from House Curious offers an incredibly sophisticated and elegant look. The monochrome grey touch, combined with sleek borders makes this print look very refined. Pair this print with a simple black frame for the best effect.


Sindri is a magnificent photograph of a wild pony in action captured by Astrid Harrison. This side-on photograph is skewed towards the top of the frame which gives it an interesting look. This print will do very well to complement modern home décor. 

Horse’s Eye

For a close-up interior print of a horse, you won’t come across anything better than Horse’s Eye by Mitch McFarlane. It is a surreal picture which draws its beauty from the contrasting colours of the eye, face and mane of a horse. Add this print to your walls, and you’re sure to have your guests admiring it. 

Large Horse Print

Another one of my favourites from Mitch McFarlane, the large horse print is a vignette of a horse photograph taken front-on. The gradual fading out of the background really helps the elegance of this print to stand out. And, this effect also helps this print blend in seamlessly with neutral coloured walls.

Horse Print on Wood

If you’re really looking to make a bold impression, then you should consider the Horse Print on Wood by Graham & Brown. It is a magnificent portrait of a horse printed on white wood to create a beautiful print. And, despite being a unique print, it is an incredibly affordable horse print available on the market today.

Wild Horse Print

This is another print of a pony in activities offered by Wildnis Photography, and I must say, it looks amazing. The beauty of this picture lies in the fact that it is captured from a distance. Also, the stark contrast of a black horse with white surroundings adds to its charm. You’ll certainly invoke the spirit of wilderness in your home with this glamorous print. 

Scandinavian Horse

Scandinavia is synonymous with the mystery, and that is exactly what you’ll get with this amazing print offered by Wonderlina Shop. It is a simple and clean print which captures the enigma of Scandinavian lands. Pair this print with a simple frame with a bold black border for the best effect. 


Another print from Astrid Harrison, Freedom stands for liberation and release. This stunning print beautifully captures the spontaneity of a horse and promotes naturalness and openness. It will perfectly complement modern interiors and furnishings. 

Simple Horse Art

If you want to keep things really simple with your interior prints, then you can go with some of the simple prints offered by Wildnis Photography or Lily and Lola. These simple prints include only the torso of a horse contrasted with a blurred or faded out background. These prints work best with sleek borders and simple frames. Alternatively, you can also go with the Wild Horse Photo print offered by Synplus. All of these simple prints will invoke a feeling of calmness in your space. 

Horse Canvas

Finally, if you want your interior print to be the focal point of your wall, then you should choose a bold print like the Horse Canvas from Magellan. Unlike other prints that I’ve included in this post, this print features a black background. Thanks to this, the white horse in the foreground immediately captures the attention of onlookers. You’ll certainly make your home the talk of the town with this glorious print. 

So, there you have it – these are some of my favourite interior horse prints that I’ve come across on Pinterest and Instagram. Go with any of these prints, or draw inspiration from them to come up with something of your own. And, trust me – you’ll have people complimenting you all the time if you use any of these prints at home.

Which of these horse prints is your favourite? Have you come across a fantastic print which I haven’t mentioned in my post? Do leave me your thoughts in the comments below and I’ll be looking forward to hearing from you!