Gucci’s New Décor Line

No doubt you’ve heard of Gucci – I mean who hasn’t! This giant fashion brand has been around for almost a century now and it is arguably one of the biggest brands in the industry. But why I am telling you all this? It’s because I’m thrilled that Gucci is launching a new décor line. Yes, you heard it right – the fashion giant is now foraying into home décor. This can mean nothing but good news for fashion and décor lovers all over the world.

As someone who is actively involved in home décor, Gucci’s new line can mean only one thing – the return of traditional décor. I suspect this because Gucci has always used timeless staples in every one of its quirky fashion collections. There’s no reason to believe that the Gucci décor line will be any different from this.

But don’t jump the gun just yet. Gucci’s new décor line has not yet hit the stores, but it will do so very soon. Till then, let’s take a look at what this new décor line has in store for all of us.

From Gucci’s Creative Director

Gucci’s creative director, Alessandro Michele recently stated that the brand is expanding their idea of contemporary romantic vision. It is this very same idea that will be reflected in Gucci’s new line of décor.

Gucci’s beloved designs, patterns and colors that have taken the fashion world by storm will now be featured in décor.

What to Expect from Gucci’s Décor Line

If you know anything about Gucci, then you’re probably aware that the brand’s fashion line is anything but minimalistic. In fact, the brand is well known for its highly embroidered and elegant fashion line which is always full of embellishments. Gucci’s new décor line has been developed in the same manner. You won’t find any minimalistic elements in this décor line. However, you can surely expect to find some traditional décor items with a unique, quirky twist in this new collection.

Some products that have been revealed from Gucci’s décor line include wallpapers, folding screens, metal trays, side tables, porcelain pieces and tasseled pillows, among other products. If there’s one thing common with all these new products it is that all of them are flamboyant and exuberant. While some pieces exhibit modern, contemporary designs, others feature timeless and classic designs.

The velvet tasseled pillows include intricate embroidery featuring snakes, cats, tigers and Staffordshire dogs. These fashionable and distinguished pillows are unlike anything that you’ve ever seen. Sure, we’ve all seen gorgeous tasseled pillows, but trust me – once you look at these, you’ll forget everything else!

Gucci’s porcelain pieces are all designed by Richard Ginori from the renowned Florentine Company. Some of these designs are contemporary, while others are timeless classics back from the 18th century. Again, these are in line with the idea of traditional décor with a modern twist.

The decorative folding screens and wallpapers feature unique geometric prints and beautiful floral garden patterns, in the brand’s favourite colors and designs. The side tables and metal trays are colorful and large, and are designed to immediately draw a viewer’s attention. While there is stiff competition in this segment of home décor, Gucci’s style and versatility make its products stand out from the competition.

Apart from these wonderful home décor products, Gucci has also introduced four home scents. These scents are available both in the form of incense and as candles. These scents have all been developed by the brand’s creative director. They feature exotic aromas of tomato leaves, orange leaves, Seville oranges and damask rose.

Where to find Gucci’s New Collection 

Gucci’s new line of home décor will be rolled out very soon. Products are expected to hit flagship retail stores as well as online stores in a few months.

I’m sure that many of you will eagerly wait for these products to hit retail stores so that you can see them in person. However, if you’re anything like me, then I bet that you want to catch a glimpse of these products today. Fortunately, you can do so! Fashionista is showcasing a number of Gucci décor products on its official website. Simply visit their website to take a sneak peek at what Gucci is planning to offer. I’ve already fallen in love with a number of Gucci décor products that I’ve seen and I’m sure you will too!

Are you looking forward to Gucci’s new décor line as much as I am? Have you already come across any of their designs or décor pieces that you simply must get your hands on? Well, I’m in the same boat as you are! Do leave behind your thoughts on Gucci décor in the comments section below. I’ll really be looking forward to hearing from you!