Hitting 30? Toss these things out today!

The 20s are a challenging time for anyone. The spirit of youth is weighed down by life decisions, career choices, anxiety, apprehension and a limited budget. However, all of this is okay, as the 20s are meant for discovery and exploration. When you navigate through your 20s, you’ll have a better idea of what suits your personal taste.

But, by the time you hit 30, your palette is already refined, and it’s time to transform your interior aesthetic. Your sense of personal style will have evolved considerably, and many of your belongings from the 20s won’t fit into your new aesthetic. Before you plan on updating, you’ll need to toss out a few things from your space.

To help you decide which items you should throw out when you hit 30, I’ve compiled a brief list for you. This list contains common home décor items that most people in their 20s own, but they are not quite fit for someone in their 30s. If you have any of these items still lying around, get rid of them today!

Sofa futons

Sofa futons are incredibly popular with people in their 20s. Sofa futons also double up as beds, making them incredibly functional. Moreover, futons are usually built to last, so if you’ve owned a futon in your 20s, you probably still have it.

However, when you hit 30, the futon is not so functional. There are fewer parties and far fewer sleepovers. There’s no point in keeping a sofa futon around if you’re not entertaining others on a regular basis.

Unframed artwork

Posters and unframed artwork may offer an interesting visual effect, but there’s no doubt that the effect is somewhat juvenile. Unframed artwork must leave your home once you hit your 30s, or you need to get them framed. And, if you thought that frames are expensive, think again! You can easily make a frame yourself or purchase one for cheap from many affordable framing companies.

Old linen

Good linen should always be a priority at any age. However, many people in their 20s neglect this and continue using their old linen. However, when you hit your 30s, you should really treat yourself better. So, gather your old, worn-out and ragged linens and replace them with fresh new ones. You won’t be spending too much, and you’ll give your bedroom a fresh makeover.

Cheap rugs

Depending on how it is used, a rug can completely set the tone for space. However, if a cheap rug is used, it will soon lose its look and feel. This is completely unlike vintage woollen rugs, which actually do get better as they age.

Cheap rugs are fine to have during the 20s, but they’re a big no-no during the 30s. Every home designer and interior decorator will advise you on getting a quality rug that will last you many years to come. And, high quality rugs are actually easier to clean and maintain as compared to cheap rugs.

Hand-me-down items

Most of us have probably had furniture handed over from friends or family. During the thrifty 20s, such hand-me-down items can seem to be immensely useful. But, this does not mean that you should continue using the same after you hit your 30s.

Your 30s mark the start of a new era in your life. So, go ahead and invest in some durable furniture and décor that will last you another decade at least. And, you can always hand over your items to someone if you get bored or want an upgrade.

Plastic dishware

Nobody will say that plastic dishware doesn’t serve any purpose. They are incredibly reliable, especially during our 20s when we have plenty of parties and gatherings. Plastic dishes don’t get damaged easily, and they can be reused for as long as you like. But, this doesn’t mean that you should drag it on through to your 30s. As you hit 30, your tastes are more refined and formal.

Even if you plan on hosting a gettogether, you simply cannot serve on plastic dishware. Plastic looks and feels cheap, and this is not the impression you want to give off in your 30s. So, upgrade your plastic dishware and invest in some quality formal dishware. Don’t worry – formal dishware is not always expensive, so you can always find something within your budget.

So, here you go – these are some of the items that you must toss out of your home by the time you hit 30. Sure, many of these items may still be useful, but they would have already served their purpose through your 20s. By upgrading, you’ll only be doing a favour to yourself.

Have you already gotten rid of any or all of these items? Or have you gotten rid of other items which I have not included in this list? Either way, do let me know in the comments section below and I’ll be more than happy to hear from you!