Home Décor DIY Books you cannot live without

When it comes to designing and decorating a home, most people turn to professional interior designers and decorators. But let’s face it – not everyone can afford hiring professionals. There’s certainly no denying that professionals bring a wealth of experience and editorial skills to the table. However, you can do without them by having a well-curated library in place.

Over many years now, I’ve been adding DIY home décor books to my library. This has also allowed me to save my cash for new furnishings, instead of spending it hiring designers and decorators. You should look to do the same.

Today, I will share with you some must-have DIY home décor books. I own all of these books and you should consider getting them for yourself as well. These books will teach you all about how to tackle DIY remodeling and accessory styling at home just like the pros do.

The Kinfolk Home | Nathan Williams

I always turn to The Kinfolk Home whenever I need some inspiration for new home décor ideas. This DIY home décor book is truly unique and it includes detailed ideas on different decorating styles. In fact, some of the best interior designers and decorators hail this book as the ultimate in personal space appreciation.

The Kinfolk Home explores 35 home design styles from all over the world ranging from Japan to Scandinavia and stateside. Grab a copy of this book for some truly unique and artful style inspirations. It’s my all-time favourite home décor book and it’s a must have for every DIY décor enthusiast.

Home Chic | India Madhavi

Home Chic is my go-to book whenever I need design ideas to express my personality in unique ways. This DIY home décor book offers some amazing styling ideas using which you can transform every room in your home. From creating vertical proportions to perspectives and decorating around low ceilings, you’ll find a wealth of information in this book.

This book includes personal tips from acclaimed interior designer India Madhavi and includes a plethora of unique design ideas. And, the helpful illustrations in this book make it even easier for you to implement these styles at home. This book makes for an excellent addition both for remodeling fiends and first-time homeowners alike.

Rhapsody | Kelly Wearstler

Kelly Wearstler is a famous interior decorator who is renowned all over for her signature ‘refined and raw’ aesthetic. Her book, Rhapsody breaks down her design ideas into easy, implementable steps. In fact, I’ve used many of her ideas to create a natural and raw space in one of my rooms.

This book is very easy to follow and thanks to the inclusion of full-bleed color photographs, it looks absolutely gorgeous. I highly recommend you to get hold of this book if you’re one who likes raw styling ideas. And, you can even purchase the limited edition – it’s even prettier than the standard edition. Rhapsody is a must-have for all DIY home decorators and it even makes for a fantastic coffee table book.

Allegra Hicks | Allegra Hicks

I’ve been a big fan of Allegra Hicks ever since I noticed how gracefully she makes use of textures and patterns. If you’d like to use patterns and textures in your space, you must grab a copy of her book. From classic designs to contemporary style, you’ll find everything about using textures and patterns in this book.

You’ll find plenty of design ideas based around patterns in this book – coming to you straight from the iconic designer. Her book also includes stunning photography of interiors and landscapes. Add Allegra Hicks to your library and you’ll never fall short on design inspiration.

Styled | Emily Henderson

Creating vignettes at home creates a vintage and classic look which is coveted by many. However, even I was unaware of how to use vignettes at home before I stumbled upon Styled. This easy to use and relatable DIY home décor book makes it incredibly easy to understand how to use vignettes.

If you’re one with a flair for vintage design, then you must get a copy of this book. You’ll find plenty of DIY design ideas that you can implement at home. From arranging bookshelves to collecting antiques, you’ll find plenty of useful information in this book.

Color | Abigail Ahern

Those of you looking for budget-friendly hacks to decorating your home, make sure to get a copy of Color. I always head to this book for inspiration whenever I need to find new design ideas based around color. Written by Abigail Ahern, a renowned master of the dark arts, this book explores her moody approach to using different shades.

While many of her design ideas make use of darker hues, the book offers enough ideas to cover every hue. From adding splashes of bold color to decorating for a particular color tone, you’ll learn a lot from this book. This expansive guide covers the innovative approach of Abigail Ahern and is a must-have for pros and amateurs alike.

Apartment Therapy: Complete and Happy Home | Maxwell Ryan and Janel Laban

I’m often asked about my favorite resource which covers most aspects of DIY decorating and home design. And, my reply has always been Apartment Therapy: Complete and Happy Home. Written by acclaimed decorators Maxwell Ryan and Janel Laban, this book serves as a complete guide to DIY home décor.

From using paint correctly to designing effective floor plans, you’ll find everything that you need in this book. And, its printed guide format makes it very easy to follow and understand. Even if you’re looking to build your abode from scratch, this guide offers everything you need.

Cupcakes and Cashmere at Home | Emily Schuman

Heard of Cupcakes and Cashmere? If you haven’t, it’s a celebrated lifestyle blog which is followed by millions. The brainchild behind the blog, Emily Schuman sums up most of her DIY design and décor tips in this book.

This book covers everything – from party planning to DIY design projects. It is a must-have book for those who are fond of hosting and entertaining others. And, the ideas you find in this book are all very easy to implement. After you go through this amazing book, you’ll easily see just why Emily Schuman has such an avid following online.

Beyond Chic | Ivan Terestchenko

Ever thought of using ideas from the world’s biggest fashion designers for home décor? Even if you haven’t, Beyond Chic offers everything that you need to get started. This book explores the fancy and whimsical approach of fashion designers and offers easy ideas to implementing their style at home.

This book will give you a taste of some of the finest fashion designers that the world has seen. Reading this book is an intimate and personal journey and is sure to leave you with plenty of fancy design ideas.

So, these are my top picks for DIY home décor books. I use them whenever I’m in need for some design inspiration. I dare say that I cannot live without them and you’ll do yourself a huge favor by getting them all!

Do you know of any DIY home décor books that deserve a special mention? What is your favourite DIY home décor book? Do let me know in the comments section below and I’ll be looking forward to them!