How to Add Bohemian Design in Your Home

The fact that you are here means you are looking for great boho design ideas for your home. Congratulation! You have come to the right place. Boho style is slowly regaining its popularity as more homeowners embrace its individualism and whimsical aesthetics.

At heart is the bohemian style are elements of eclecticism and shabby chic coupled with rich and flamboyant artistry, colours, and textures. This style upholds the unique and at the same time mirrors the lifestyle of an individual who appreciates nature, adventure, contrast, art, freedom, and the past. With all these ingredients perfectly blended together, a home that incorporates the boho theme can feel quite overwhelming. In reality, it is possible to be more bohemian than you probably think. The boho design inspirations and tips discussed below will give your space the most amazing interior décor.

Use enchanting floral furniture

Flowery patterns are a common signature of the chic boho inspiration. Add this to your interior by choosing floral furniture. The secret is not to make everything in your home floral since this might look extremely overwhelming, something the boho style aims to avoid. A perfect choice for furniture is an upholstered armchair. Its romantic and fresh patterns exude delicate and woodsy details common in most bohemian designs. The armchair’s colour is inspired by nature and it creates a floral bouquet and rustic space in mind.

Whether you go for an armchair or any other item, ensure that the furniture tells a story. The boho style must always feel organic, intriguing and most of all, unique. Keep in mind that the concept is all about embracing a design that keeps a distance from the common décor principle that advocates for symmetry and uniformity. The colourful patterns coupled with the natural inspiration of the floral furniture will help you create a stunning interior that feels both relaxed and casual.

Textured wood and colourful pillows

Try out various textures, colours and patterns. For example, a combination of wood and cotton is common in most home designs. But if you are really after a bohemian space, do not be afraid to try out different material and colour combinations. For instance, you can pair distressed wooden sofa with plush pillows featuring vibrant covers. Adding textural and colourful touches allows you to redesign your space, giving it a boho touch easily.

The concept is all about mixing rather than matching. By creating a contrast in the room, you give it a pleasing flair with a touch of personality. Try out warm brick and flamboyantly patterned Egyptian rugs or blending an antique brass with modern lamps. Boho spaces can be created with the help of combinations that might at first seem impossible.  All you have to do is play with it until you achieve a design that satisfies your specifications.

Go for key bohemian elements

Most homeowners are reluctant to go for a full boho décor because they are its new to them. The truth is, it is possible to express your style with a rather subtle approach. For a personalised and creative space, always start by incorporating simple bohemian elements in different areas like your bedroom. Do not be afraid of trying out combinations of different colours, textures, and prints. Take advantage of the numerous versatile sets that can help give your bedroom a serene and chic look.

Living in a bohemian space is not only fun but empowering. Incorporating boho interior designs and tips discussed above is a great place to start. Keep in mind that you are free to enrich your home with your preferred style. Whether it’s adding a new colour design or adding a new armchair, you can freely tap your inborn boho sensibility as your inspiration.