How to display art in your home

Have you got an art collection to be proud of? If you do, then I bet you’ve made plans to set up a picture gallery to display your favourite works. But hold on a minute – you have plenty of other options on hand. Yes, the best designers and decorators all over the world have let go of hangers for good. These days, the cool kids display artwork on bookshelves, cabinets, mantels and even on the floor. The best part about these design styles is that there is absolutely no hammering involved and they require no effort at all!

Now, before you think that this will make your space look cluttered, let me tell you that the best artworks are always displayed with nonchalant flair. Displaying artwork anywhere other than the walls makes for a hip, carefree and youthful look. In fact, the artists probably prefer this too! And, if you aren’t convinced, you can always create a neat and sophisticated effect by arranging your artwork carefully.

If you still aren’t convinced, continue reading this post to discover some of my favourite examples for displaying art at home. You’ll find plenty of inspiration from these styles, so make sure to read right through to the end.

On Bookshelves

But wait, aren’t bookshelves meant for books? Sure, they are, but have you ever thought of displaying art in place of your book spines? Believe it or not, your bookshelves double up as the ideal centerpiece for your favourite artwork. This creates an undeniably hip and cool effect and it is sure to catch the attention of onlookers.

So, get your unique prints and framed photographs and disperse them amidst your book collection. As a pro tip, layer your art over each other. This haphazard nonchalance is so carefree and cool that you’re sure to impress your guests!

On Cabinets

I confess – I never thought that displaying art on cabinets could look so fantastic! One of the latest home décor trends is displaying decorative objects on cabinets. While you can always do this, you can also lean your prized artwork against the wall on your cabinet. This creates a wonderful visual effect which is both casual and chic. You can also arrange other decorative items around your art to add some character to your space.

I’ve taken a tip from some of the best decorators and now I have my best painting behind table lamps on my cabinet. And, I really love the way it has turned out – it has added a unique lived-in flavor to my space. As a matter of fact, I think I’ve fallen in love with my painting even more!

On Mantels

Displaying art on mantels may not be that new of a décor idea. However, there’s no denying that it creates an absolutely sublime visual effect. The fireplace often captures the attention of onlookers, so it makes for the perfect place to display your art. And, the height and width of the mantel on your fireplace is also perfect for lining artwork up.

Most designers recommend displaying a single piece of artwork on mantels to create a refined and sophisticated effect. However, I’ve personally found that mixing up various objects around a mantel works very well to create a nonchalant look. So, go ahead and experiment – you really can’t go wrong in displaying your artwork on mantels.

On Floors

And, one of the biggest trends in displaying artwork is to make use of your floors. I’m sure you’ve seen paintings being placed on floors before – it’s something the artists do themselves. The resulting effect is, without any doubt, incredibly cool. Try doing this and you are sure to make people love your space.

While this style works best with large pieces, you can always use your smaller prints to make them feel at home. Everything boils down to the way you choose to style your space. For a neat and refined look, line up similar sized pieces and your space will ooze class immediately. Alternatively, you can introduce some artsy chaos by mixing and matching your prints. Even this looks incredibly hip and creates a spectacular and haphazard visual effect.

I bet you’re all excited about these décor trends and you’re ready to try them out in your home. These décor ideas have been tried and tested by the best interior designers and decorators all over the world. So, get a little creative and experiment with these ideas. There’s no hammering or hanging involved, so you can easily replace and remove pieces if they don’t suit your taste.

Do you know of any other great design ideas to display art in your home? Do you already make use of any of these styles or are you still stuck with gallery walls? Leave me your comments in the section below and I’ll be looking forward to hearing from you.