How to Style Your Home like A Blogger

Like many others, you have probably wondered how bloggers make their homes look so dreamy. Could spending a day with a home-style blogger help you to figure out how they pull it off? Not everyone knows a blogger ready to share their secret. Luckily, for you, here goes a few tips to help you style your home like a blogger.

Clear the clutter

The first thing to keep in mind is that every photo on an interior décor blog is staged! Do not expect to find or keep your home looking like those photos all the time. In fact, no home is made up of stylish and well-lit corners that serve as the backdrop. With the cat out of the bag, with a few background items stylishly arranged can give your home a visual facelift. A few stylish vases, artistic statuettes, and pretty books are nice touches to consider.

New Throws

Another great place to begin a makeover is with the throw pillows and blankets. Although small in size, these items have a significant impact on the overall design and switching them up is an easy way to give your room a facelift. Moreover, they come in different styles. In fact, there is literally hundreds of option available for just about any budget and aesthetic.

Change the hardware

Your furniture’s hardware might be small but still has a huge impact on your aesthetic. If your current hardware is made of dull metals, try switching to something shiny. For example, you can move from brass to copper. Do this and your space will feel new again.

Refresh the rugs

Rugs have a way of setting the tone of a room. Refreshing the rugs will definitely give your space a new life. Go for the soft and cozy textures. Bold pattern or even rug-less will do if depending on your needs. Regardless of you choose, you can be sure that your room will be happy for it.

Update the décor 

Those small décor items like candle and vases that you tend to ignore are full of space-refreshing potential. Grab some fresh flowers and display your vibrant vases. These vases can also be used with candles especially in the cooler months. This simple change is enough to revive the whole aesthetic.

Lighting matters

Home décor bloggers know the importance of great lighting when taking a photo. The time and day also matter when determining the lighting of your home. Let’s assume that you are going to take a photo of your revamped space. A steaming cup of coffee might appear ethereal when captured on the kitchen counter in the morning and a glass of wine in the evening on the same spot will not work. If you want to take shots of your house like the bloggers, you need to get the lighting right.

The blogger’s style works by picking a few elements, sticking to them, and letting it travel across the home and not just a few corners. This does not mean painting the entire house in one green or purple. Simply use accents of it in several rooms even if it’s just part of your furniture.