Interior design trends travellers must follow

Fond of travelling and decorating, are you? If you are, then you should consider combining the two together. Many decorators like yourself have stormed Pinterest and Instagram with amazing interior design themed around travel. This is soon becoming a trend, and you’ll do yourself a big favour by following it.

Over the recent past, we have been paying close attention to city prints that are based on travel. There are plenty of these on Etsy as well as Instagram and Pinterest. However, what we’ve noticed is that black and white and monochrome prints are what is currently trending. And, we’ve curated the best of these city prints from a number of sources for you!

So, continue reading this post to discover some fantastic travel based décor ideas. These will allow you to add an extremely personal touch to your favourite gallery wall.

Asymmetric City Map Print 

One of my favourite city prints is the asymmetric city map print. This print includes a boxed section which includes the map of a city with lots of blank space. The name of the city can be included either above or below the boxed section in bold print.

While this look can be considered to be somewhat of a classic look, it seems to be making a big comeback. If you are going for this look, you have two approaches to choose from. You can either have the map and the text in bold to create an immediate visual impact. Alternatively, you can have the map in a lighter print and the text in a darker print to create an interesting effect. Both look incredibly cool, and you won’t go wrong in choosing either of them!

Symmetric City Map Print

As an alternative to the asymmetric city map print, you can also choose to go with the symmetric city map print. In this print, the map covers the entire area of the boxed section with no blank space. As a variant to a box, you can also go with a circular area to enclose the map. And, to really give your print a trendy touch, consider fading the details out towards one of the edges.

Creative wall art

Wall art is something that we’ve always been fond of. It can be used to symbolise something interesting with minimum artwork. This trend seems to have hit city prints now. Today, several personalized city prints include wall art of famous monuments or architectural wonders along with the city name in a stylized font.

Whatever your favourite city may be, you can get a wall art print created for it. While you can go with multiple elements, I recommend you stick to the best monument or wonder for a city. This creates the maximum visual impact.

Illustrated maps

While city prints usually include actual maps, you can also go with illustrated prints. This creates a fun and quirky look and can be a great way to portray a cheerful and youthful personality. Illustrated maps also offer you a chance to get incredibly creative with your city print. You can even choose to infuse a hint of colour to add to the quirkiness of this look.

This look is best achieved with a print that makes several references to a particular city. You can choose to go with realistic illustrations to create a laid-back look. If you choose to go with comic illustrations, you’ll give your space a completely fun look.

Arrows and milestones

If you’re a big fan of the minimalistic style, then you can consider going with the milestone city print. This is probably the simplest form of wall art, but it speaks volumes. This print usually includes only the name of the city along with an arrow indicating how far away it is.

To really complete this look, add two prints to your wall gallery with cities pointing in opposite directions. This will give people an idea of just how fond of travelling and chic style you are!

Simple list

Finally, another great minimalist wall art is a print which only includes the names of cities you have visited. This list can include as many or as little cities as you like. You can even choose to arrange the names in different sizes to indicate how fond you are of a particular city.

If you’re going for this city print, make sure to use a bold and eye-catching font. This look is best created in black and white, so don’t try and include colour as you may ruin the look.

So, there you go – these are some of the biggest wall art décor trends that travellers should follow. Depending on how fond of travelling you are, you can flaunt one or several of these prints in your home!

Do you already have wall art to indicate that you love travelling? And, which of these city prints is your favourite? Leave me your thoughts in the comments section below, and I’ll be more than happy to hear from you!