One Oscar for the jungle trend!

If you want to make a really bold statement in your home interiors, look no further than best visual Tropical Trend effect .  It involves a range of bright hue palettes, a myriad of botanical flowers, palm prints, exotic flowers and pineapple patterns among others. This year gives you have an opportunity to live with nature, well; at least a representation of it.

Tropical trend is appropriate for your furniture, wallpapers and fabrics. It feels like inviting birds, beasts, plants, flowers, ferns and other adornments of nature into the spaces you inhabit every day. This trend has dominated living rooms for many years, but it looks gorgeous and powerful today just as it did decades ago.

In 2017, expect to see shoes, accessories and wall rugs decorated with images of plants and animals. With the world deeply concerned about environmental degradation, your interior can be a reminder to your visitors that there is much to lose if we don’t conserve the environment.