Oxblood for Halloween

Dramatic, glamorous and bold – that’s what this most trendy Oxblood color is all about. Oxblood is a sanguineous, reddish brown colour which closely resembles the colour of blood on the brink of drying. It is an elegant and passionate shade which is perfect for making a bold style statement wherever it is used in.

Shades of red, in particular, the deeper ones, do very well to complement wild and dramatic personalities. This is perhaps because deep reds remind us of the blood that flows through our veins. Given this correlation, it isn’t surprising just why deep shades of red are used everywhere to create a bold, stylistic effect.

Psychology tells us a lot about dark shades of red. Red promotes energy, and it can be linked to many emotions ranging from elation to love and even anger. While different people associate red with different things, there’s no denying that the darker shades of red offer a regal and almost mysterious feel. Darker shades of red are also undeniably sexy and classy – just think how good dark red nail polish or lipstick looks!

In fact, throughout the 16th century through to the 18th century, the most common pigments used in dyes were deep shades of red. The bright brick coloured dyes that were used in Swedish cottages were also deep shades of red – sometimes enriched with a touch of blood. Dark reds were also commonly used in rural southern England extensively during the same time. Turkey red was another pigment which was extremely popular in the 18th century.

True oxblood is much darker than these common deep shades of red. There are several dark shades of red out there – vermillion, crimson, Auburn, maroon and scarlet to name a few. But, oxblood also contains undertones of brown and purple, which make it unique from other shades of blood red. In fact, true oxblood has somewhat of a royal and rebellious feel, which makes it one of the most interesting shades of dark red.

Oxblood is also quite popular in modern culture, and it is commonly found in leather shoes and lipsticks. Oxblood was also one of the most popular colours during the fall and winter fashion seasons for two years in a row from 2012-2013. Even today, oxblood continues to be a trending colour. Many experts even suggest that oxblood is a far better term to represent a colour rather than terms like burgundy.

You can use oxblood in just about any setting. It is perfect for spicing up interiors and exteriors, and it also works great on dresses and accessories. However, the trick to using oxblood to the best effect is using it judiciously. Simply adding the same shade everywhere will be overkill – something that you don’t want to go for. You can pair oxblood with neutral colours to create a more refined effect, while still keeping things bold and quirky.

Oxblood perfectly complements neutral colours like blacks, whites, greys, camel and navy among many others. However, oxblood also does well when paired with brighter colours like cobalt blue, Kelly green, orange and even gold.

Oxblood is certainly the most trending shade of dark red. If you’re someone with a large personality, you’ll do very well by adding oxblood to your interiors surroundings. If the world’s biggest fashion icons think that oxblood is trendy, you can count on them to be right!