Peaceful Bedroom Inspiration 101

If you’re anything like me, then you probably love sleeping in on weekends. And, it’s a good thing too because in today’s fast paced world, getting decent sleep can become quite difficult. There’s certainly no denying that our surroundings impact our sleep and it has been proven by science time and again.

One way of ensuring that you get restful sleep is by designing a peaceful bedroom space. And, it won’t cost you much. For under $1,000 you can give your bedroom a peaceful makeover.

But how do you go about designing for a peaceful bedroom? Don’t worry – I’m here to help you out. Continue reading this post as I list some of my personal favourite bedroom design ideas. These ideas have all been tried and tested by interior designers and decorators. You’ll find plenty of design and styling ideas in this post, so make sure to read right through to the end!

Chic and Undone

The chic and undone bedroom look is rapidly gaining popularity with designers and decorators all over the world. This bedroom style is based around the idea of creating a cozy and peaceful space, with a touch of haphazardness. And, the best part is that you can replicate this bedroom style with very little effort.

This design style is inspired by traditional Swedish boudoirs and I must say, it looks absolutely magnificent. Most such bedrooms include a messy bed contrasted with stylish interiors. If you thought that messy beds make a bedroom appear uninviting, think again! In fact, messy beds are known to make people yearn to take a quick snooze.

And, a bedroom can still be chic despite having a messy bed if you choose your linen and furnishings carefully. Make sure to include natural elements in your space and choose light colors for your bedroom walls, furniture and furnishings. A messy bed combined with such style elements creates an enchanting disheveled look which presents a blissed out feeling.


If you’re someone who likes to make a bold style statement and yet have a peaceful bedroom, you should consider the showstopper look. This bedroom design is based around using upscale bedroom furnishings and furniture to make a big impact. These bedrooms ooze class and they look incredibly inviting.

To create this look, try including as many rich furnishings as you can in your bedroom. Think fancy rugs and carpets, comfortable benches and sofas, chandeliers and artwork, among other types of home décor. These furnishings will immediately draw the attention of onlookers and will make them yearn for such a bedroom.

Remember not to go overboard when you’re creating this look though. And, make sure to choose the colors of your furnishings wisely. It is best to stick to soft and cool tones because you want to promote a feeling of calmness and relaxation in your bedroom.


Nothing defines a peaceful bedroom better than the peacemaker design style. This wonderful bedroom design style makes use of natural elements combined with soft tones and colorful accents to create an inviting space. It is a pared-down bohemian look which is both intriguing and restful. In fact, many renowned designers and home decorators consider this look to be ‘heaven on earth’.

This design style is quite easy to replicate actually. While you can choose any neutral or muted tone for your bedroom walls, dove gray is one of the best. Couple this with gold accents and include touches of timber in your space to complete this look.

When replicating this bedroom design, make sure that your linen and furnishings are also in soft, neutral tones. While you can certainly add pops and splashes of color, limit yourself. You don’t want your space to look intimidating and its best to tone down to achieve this look.

Stylish Slumber Chamber

If you’re one who craves slumbers, then you should consider the stylish slumber chamber bedroom design. This unique bedroom look is based around creating a serene and tranquil space which induces rest and calmness. While this style initially originated in Sweden, it is now being used all over the world.

Stylish slumber chamber bedrooms are usually highly refined and sophisticated. To recreate this look in your bedroom, limit your furnishings to a minimum and choose a neutral color palette. You can add a hint of color by throwing in a colored rug or by adding accents to your décor. Timber look furnishings also do well to complement this look.

This bedroom design is sure to subdue rising stress levels. So, if you’ve been feeling anxious or twitchy lately, try this peaceful bedroom design style. It’ll subdue your stress levels by giving you great sleep.

Exotic Boudoir 

The exotic boudoir bedroom style is my absolute favourite. This design style makes good use of stone and wooden textures to add a natural feel to a bedroom. While such bedrooms are great to sleep in, the natural elements also help spark creativity.

To replicate this design style, include as many wood and stone textures that you can in your space. For your linen and furnishings, stick to a neutral color palette as they complement wood and stone the best. While this design style is ideal for large, airy bedrooms, it works well with smaller spaces too.

As a personal recommendation, I advise you to throw in a potted plant to add some greenery to your bedroom. You can even include artwork in your space, provided that it doesn’t make your bedroom look overwhelming.

So, there you go – these are my personal favourite design ideas for creating a peaceful bedroom. These design ideas are so simple and easy to implement that you can give your space a makeover in no time! And, these ideas are incredibly budget-friendly as well, so you don’t need to bust the bank in replicating these styles. Which peaceful bedroom style is your favourite?