Personalised Tiles Trend

Your floor deserves more than bare feet or shoe soles. It is time you give it a magical touch. Of course, a quality floor should be durable, sturdy, and able to sustain the mess in your home. On this post, we are going to take practicality for granted, and for a god reason. Style is a key consideration and is you have noticed, this year has been so easy with cool trends in the tiling world.

Do you want personalised tiles for your home? Let’s take a look at some of the trends taking shape across the globe.

Wood-Look Tile

Wood-look flooring is in high demand and for a good reason. It comes in different colours, sizes, and wood grains, creating a customized floor tile for different styles of rooms. Does wood-look tile sound like what your floor desperately need? Make your choice now!

Here is what is trending in wood-look tiles:

  • Short and narrow planks.
  • Traditional and rustic with a genuine, natural looking edges, scrapes, chips, and a pronounced texture.
  • Brick, hexagons, and mosaic.
  • Clean and tight-veined wood grains.

Are you impressed? Go ahead and try these tiles in any of space. As a bonus, you get to enjoy wood-look tile’s durability.

Outdoor Tiles

When it comes to outdoor flooring, it doesn’t really matter to you choose indoor or outdoor tiles. Tiles produced today are twice the thickness of wood, cement-look and stone. And not only can you install them on your patio, you can use them on your kitchen floor.

Stone, marble, and ceramic

If you settle on marble-style tile, the classic white is a worthy choice. However, colour marble is equally trending especially for those feeling neutrally adventurous. Does that sound like you? If so, grey, black, beige, and brown are your best bet.

Stone-style and ceramic-look, and cement-style tiles are equally trending, more than wood grain. These materials are flat and monochromatic. Where these tiles lack in colour, they compensate in a variety of sizes and shapes. We cannot afford not to mention colour blue which is making waves in the tiles industry.

Fancy Fabric Tiles 

Yes! Fabric tiles are real! These fabric replica tiles are cosy, soft, subtle, yet extremely sturdy, tough, and easy to clean. After all, it is just the tile that resembles a fabric. How cool is that?

Grey, Espresso, and white

We are witnessing three neutral colours fighting it out, each appealing to different people. Grey seem to be dominating the trend and likely to stay for a while. It is slowly becoming the staple colour in floor tiles.

Espresso is simply a shade of brown. It is bold and dark, close to being black. Floors fitted with espresso coloured tiles are eye-catching.

White tiles have stuck around for years due to its ability to create the signature effect it is known for. If a bright room is what you want, then go for white tile. Besides, these tiles pass am impression that you are smart, clean, and organized person. How personalised can tiles? In addition, white tiles make rooms appear larger. You might also consider going for the white wood-look tile or the blonde wood-look tiles is plain white is not your thing.