Photo Wall Perfection

When it comes to decorating a home, the first thing that comes to most people’s mind is to invest in furniture. Sure, furniture and furnishings can make your home comfy and functional. However, by installing artwork and personal photos on walls, you can add character to your home.

I simply love adorning my walls with framed artwork and personal photos. They remind me of the value of being surrounded by nostalgia, sentimental memories and of course, beauty. As a matter of fact, a great photo wall can impact your mood on a daily basis as well.

If you’ve been looking for ideas on how to make a cool photo wall, then you’ve certainly landed on the right page. Today, I will list some creative ideas on how you can make a great looking photo wall. Get ready to be inspired!

Create an engaging narrative

Ever wondered why some certain photo walls communicate with you better than others? It’s most probably because these walls were designed with an engaging narrative in mind. An engaging narrative is one where the photos are arranged in order to tell a short story.

To create your own photo narrative, remember to keep things simple. Keep your photographs arranged and centered against a white wall for maximum effect. Also, make sure to choose photographs that make sense in the overall context of your home. By using natural photo frames, you can contribute even further to the story that you’ve created. Personally, I love using walnut frames with black mats as they enhance my photographs without stealing any of the spotlight.

Mix clutter with clean

I’ve noticed that many people think that a busy wall looks terrible. However, busy does not necessarily mean bad. In fact, by mixing cluttered photographs with clean spaces can result in an overall eclectic look.

To achieve this look, use artwork and frames made of different materials and contrast them with white paint, blank walls, dark floors and stylish rugs and carpets. This will create an overall polished look, despite your photos being cluttered. Moreover, it will also display the styles and personalities of every resident of a home.

Artwork as a backdrop

To achieve photo wall perfection, your artwork doesn’t necessarily need to be the focal point. In fact, by using decorative furnishings to draw attention and keeping artwork as a backdrop, you can create a gorgeous effect.

However, you must be careful if you choose this look. If your photos and artwork aren’t framed, the room will look unfurnished. This also means that if you think that a room is looking lackluster, you can enhance it significantly by using framed artwork as a backdrop.

Always remember – your photos should not overwhelm the desired look. You can consider leaning your framed photos against the back of shelves to create a subtle but excellent effect.

Forget the center

Sure, symmetry does look great in most areas. But let’s admit it – symmetry can make a room look boring, especially because everyone does it. One way to break out of this is by forgetting the center with your photo frames.

What I mean to say is that you can arrange your furniture and furnishings symmetrically, while keeping photos non-symmetric. This will create an eclectic look, with your furniture taking the focal point and photos adding elements of interest. Trust me – people will also notice your photos and artwork more if you arrange things this way.

Keep your photos grounded

While you can certainly arrange your photos on walls, your photos don’t necessarily need to be hung up. In fact, by arranging photos on the ground, you can create a very relaxed and inviting atmosphere. All you have to do to achieve this look is to simply lean your photos against the wall. This creates a grounded and comfortable look.

And, it’s not just photos, you can even choose furnishings that promote this grounded look. Low beds, draped chairs and small tables can contribute to this look. Overall, the grounded look gives off a casual impression that a room is being lived in. This does not tarnish the personality of a room, neither does it make things less formal. In fact, this is one of the best ways to create an elegant room without too much effort.

These photo wall designs have been carefully curated from some of the best designed interior spaces from all over the world. Whether you have loads of money to shell out or you’re on a shoestring budget, you can easily pull off these looks. Just make sure to keep things simple. After all, true elegance lies in simplicity.

So, which photo wall are you going to try out? Do let us know which of these is your favourite or if you have any photo wall ideas of your own.