Small Space Tricks

If there is a trend that is unlikely to vanish anytime soon, it is downsizing. Small living spaces have become a global phenomenon. The lifestyle changes associated with this trend entails consistent tidying up. For most city dwellers, living in small spaces is the only option. However, this does not mean compromising on décor.

So you are faced with the challenging task of decorating your small place. The secret to hacking this is turning to neutrals. Play-it-safe- white and overcome this dilemma. At least that was what many thought.

It is time to explore the rainbow! Turn to the multiple bright shades it is known for. Dare to take on the decorating challenging by bringing on the colors. Here are a few small space tricks for your décor project.

Gallery Display

Want a cool way to display your collection of decorative items and mementos? Use floating shelves. Stagger them for their unique look. Your rotating displays will work well with basic shelves. They work with right about anything. You can alter the appearance of the vignette, leaving your shelves intact while avoiding drilling more holes in your walls.

Use industrial metal shelving units for kitchen storage in case the current kitchen storage is less generous. The stylish of such unities gives you the metallic touch common in pro kitchens. The basket can be used to corral staple in the kitchen. Remember to throw in a few decorative touches to keep things on the fun side.

If you are in a rental situation, you have to settle for whatever finishing that is in place when you agree to the lease. If the carpet is not stylish enough, you can camouflage the problem with a large area rug that complements your décor. If your space is small, an oversized rug will not do, especially with its high price.

Vintages buildings have no shortage of charm. Unfortunate, the original elements can result in decorating challenges. Instead of cringing to something that you do not like, find a workaround. If the bathroom tiles’ shade is not up to your standards, go for a color that appeals to you as a desirable hue.

If your apartment does not have a designated entry, you a bookcase to make your own. Remove the upper shelve and set up hooks on the back wall of the bookcase to hang your coats. On the side of books, add more hooks to hang your umbrellas and leashes.

The bottom shelves can be outfitted with baskets and small drawers to store your sunglasses, mittens, and other outdoor essentials. You can also add a memo bar at the top of the bookcase to keep your reminders organized.

Imagine your living space without any furniture to help you think beyond the current furniture arrangement. Is the space large enough to divide it into zones to make it more functional? Summon your creative side to determine how to arrange the furniture. It might be more effective to simply “float” your sofa in the middle of the room with the TV on the wall facing it.