Décor picks that are subconsciously stressful

Your home is a true reflection of you and the way in which you express your own personal style but it also can dominate your mood and promote a serene or confusing message.

Being the one place you escape the stresses of modern day life considering most your week is spent working, lets make sure you are not guilty of making those innocuous design errors that are secretly stressing you out.

Too Many Prints

Have you ever heard of the 60:30:10 rule? While tropical and statement trends are taking over this summer always remember this rule to avoid creating a space or a feature of which complicates the mind rather than allowing you to mentally unwind. A dominant print can take up to 60% of the space, the secondary print should only take up 30% and finally the accent print only 10%. Follow this rule to master the perfect print balance in your home.

Colour Palettes

Certain colours represent specific emotions and messages. For instance it is scientifically proven that colours such as blue and white represent serenity and others like yellow and red are the opposite. When selecting colours for your home especially bedrooms keep this in mind as whatever colour you choose will enhance your mood.

Accessory Overload!

Have you ever heard of the statement less is more? When it comes to your home the simplist of accessories such as pillows can clutter your bed or sofa and in essence make you feel stressed even though your intention may have the complete opposite. A UCLA study revealed that clutter in your home actually elevates your stress levels which can lead to insomnia or overeating.