Summer Interior Top Tips

Summer is well underway and it is a wonderful time of year, there is an uplifting and vibrant energy in the air and as the days are getting warmer and sunnier most of the time we do tend to want different colours and textures throughout our homes. Change comes with every new season and there are bound to be new trends for us to follow and refresh our homes with. This summer is no different and we have every reason to welcome a fresh and updated look to see us through the forth-coming months.

When it comes to interiors in your home, bright & vibrant colour palettes, sleek finishes, cool textures and light, airy fabrics are the way to go this season. This may seem like a lot of elements to take into consideration, however revamping your home doesn’t need to be overwhelming or expensive. It is possible to give your surroundings a boost quite simply by focusing on the key areas that can make a world of difference in the appearance and ambience of your home through minor adjustments.

Here are my top tips on how to Update your home for the summer season in just five easy steps.

1. Accessories

Let’s start with one of my favourites! Accessories are a great way to incorporate style and colour into the home without dramatically overhauling or adding permanent elements. Small statement additions to the coffee table or cabinet can really make all the difference, enliven a space and lift the mood to create a summery atmosphere. This season I recommend something different and unique which also tends to be a great conversation starter for your guests. Bold colours, patterns, Geometric shapes and even quirky additions like a pineapple shaped ornament can be an example of this.

2. De-clutter

Rising temperatures means it is time to work on de-cluttering the home a little. Give your home a more spacious, breezy look by storing the rugs and throws you used during winter and moving that armchair away from the fireplace and closer to windows. DE cluttering your home gives a much more efficient atmosphere to the space making you free to move around.

3. Fabrics

In the summer certain textures and finishes work better than others. Changing furniture altogether may be a bit extreme so give your sofas and armchairs a new lease of life by choosing fresh new covers for the upholstery in a lighter or brighter colour palette to compliment the season.

Make that transition from the heavy winter curtains or blinds and switch to sheer or linen curtains to allow natural daylight to shine through. Lighter linens or silks will make a subtle impact on the eye but will lift the entire feel of the room. If your style is slightly bolder and you feel you are brave enough to embrace current trends such as the Jungle Trend – why not add fun to your fabrics and embrace bright tropical prints on your bed linen or cushions, add statement features such as colourful butterfly’s or pink flamingos and really bring your interior to life.

4. Lighting

Luckily for us the summer brings longer days of sunlight allowing natural daylight to flow through into our homes. Opening up your curtains or blinds, keeping the space around your windows relatively open to welcome the natural daylight I believe gives a magical finishing touch to any home.

If your home is not very accessible to a lot of natural daylight switching your light bulbs to use a whiter light and adding some extra floor lamps or uplighters will brighten up the space. Use of mirrors is key as not only do they look chic but also they naturally reflect any light source to boost radiance making use of the resources you have available while opening up any small or dark space.

5. Finishing Touches

Has anyone else noticed the big design trend movement this season? It is practically screaming botanic and houseplant paradise. Personally I tend to focus on more simplistic desert style plants such as Cacti!

And of course no home would be complete without fresh flowers in beautiful vases, however you must ensure these are placed strategically throughout the house. This is one of the easiest, most elegant ways to bring the outdoors in and spruce up your surroundings. The added bonus of this tip is that it works hand in hand making your home smell lovely as well as exhibiting that true summer style!

Colour is crucial! Summer is all about bright, vibrant feelings and the best way to create this feel throughout the home is to fill it with bright colours such as trendy greens or statement patterns! Finishing off any room within your home with a light fragrance perhaps a familiar one that brings back memories of great family holidays or beach days with a loved one just to add that last little personal touch. For those of you out there wondering what my favourite on trend colours are this season I would have to say include pale day wood, pink yarrow, hazelnut, kale and island paradise!