The Biggest Home Décor Trends of 2018

Many of us want our beloved décor around forever – we spend a good time in the decorating process after all. But, there’s certainly no denying that home decorating is largely defined by the current trends. While you may opt for a classic or timeless look, your space will not have a personality without trendy style.

As a home decorator, I always keep myself updated with the latest trends in interior design and home décor. With 2017 coming to a close, experts have started making predictions about the upcoming home décor trends of 2018. I’ve carefully followed their predictions to create a list of which trends are expected to explode this coming year. And today, I’ll share some of these with you.

So, continue reading this post to discover the biggest décor trends that you should follow in 2018. You’ll certainly transform your home into a fashionable and chic space by doing so!

Stylishly curved sofas 

Remember how L-sectional sofas were hot some years back? Well, they’re not so anymore according to some of the top architects and interior designers in the world. Curved sofas are currently in trend. Not only do they look extremely stylish and ergonomic, but they also look great from any angle. Moreover, curved sofas allow for a much more relaxed and intimate setting.

Consider the colour scheme of your living space and replace your old sofa with a stylish curved one. Trust me; you won’t go wrong in doing so!

Boldly patterned lampshades

Drum lampshades have always been a safe choice. They complement almost all kinds of styles and décor. But, not anymore – designers are showing a marked interest in bold, patterned lampshades. Everything ranging from pleated designs to wicker patterns is currently trending.

Simply adding a bold lampshade to your space will give it a decorative and sophisticated look. It’ll also add a touch of freshness to your existing room. So, go ahead and adopt this décor trend!

Monochrome spaces

Clean, minimalist spaces have been rising in popularity over the past few years. This trend towards simplicity and peace is expected to take an interesting turn come 2018. Expert designers predict that monochrome tones are a great way to add some life to minimalist spaces.

Adding tone to tone from the same colour family to create a monochrome space may feel somewhat daunting. However, many are already experimenting with this trend, and I must say most of the results are absolutely fantastic!

Wood paired with metal

Wood has always been integral to home décor. Even in the most modern of spaces, wooden elements serve a big purpose in decorating. You can expect to see more use of timber and wood in 2018, but this time paired with metallic elements. And, no it’s not the brass, gold or silver embellishments of the past. 2018 will be all about dark metals, including bronze and blacks.

You’ll find plenty of matte black décor elements on the market. Pair them with walnut woods to create an absolutely stylish and up to date look!

Abstract artwork

The abstract artwork has always been a hit with artists, architects, interior designers and home decorators alike. But, experts predict that the use of abstract artwork will absolutely explode in 2018. Already, designers in all fields including fashion have displayed a shift towards abstract artwork. Expect to see more of this trend this upcoming year.

Get hold of some interesting and bold abstract artwork and juxtapose it with your existing décor. This will instantly give your home a contemporary look!

Bold seating areas

Over the years, designers haven’t really experimented much with upholstered furnishings. But this seems to be changing rapidly. With curved sofas, designers are also showing an affinity for bright and bold coloured seating areas.

If you take a look at Instagram, you’ll see a lot of people already going for this look. This is going to be a major trend in 2018, so do give it a thought!

Statement floors

Flooring has always been of interest to home decorators and interior designers. In 2018, you can expect to see much more of statement floors. Designers all over the world are turning towards this trend, and you shouldn’t ignore it.

To create a statement floor, experts recommend trying out the herringbone, chevron and other custom geometric patterns. This will allow you to give an otherwise familiar space a truly unique look!

There you have it – these are the biggest home décor trend predictions for 2018. Choose one or all of these decorating ideas to give your space a modern look this upcoming year!

Which of these decorating ideas is your favourite? Do you know of any hot trend that I may have missed out on? Do let me know your thoughts in the comments below. I’ll be looking forward to hearing from you!