This colour will be everywhere

Denim Drift is the color of 2017, according to Dulux. There is an emerging trend that influences people’s lifestyles. It is epitomized by this blue hue. A new slogan has emerged in the interior design industry; “Life in a new light”.  With Denim Drift, you have an adaptable and dispassionate palette which brings to life a myriad of textures.

Blue is the color that signifies life, and the skies and sea can attest to this. Irrespective of the specific hue of blue you choose to apply in your interior decoration exploits, you will bring life into your space. Even your blue pair of jeans reminds you of the color that many people love.

This year, you can decorate your wall and interiors with a gamut of blue tones. Your house will radiate marvelous light and energy to calm and cool your guests and you. That is why you need to adopt Denim Drift for all your interior design and decorations needs. It is the most appropriate choice for those who want to reflect contemporary life.

Another hue of blue that will dominate the interior design industry in 2017 is navy. This will be particularly important for kitchen cabinets. In fact, it is replacing black as the color of choice in this important piece of furniture. Navy blue is a great compliment for almost any other colors. Unlike black, navy does not make a room feel or appear miniscule.