What no one tells you about the faux finishes

It is really an upsurge in faux finishes. Unlike what the term ‘faux’ implies, we are not just creating a façade through this approach. It is all about making sure you have the décor your desire within your financial means. Most of us are used to faux fur rugs but there is more to this hue than you may have guessed. Authentic materials are acceptable but costly. Faux finishes are affordable, yay!

And Marble is the stone of the season, it made a huge trend in homeware, furniture, kitchenware and accessories, so in other words its just everywhere!

A new place in modern design and a big comeback a beautiful natural material that is antique and very expensive,  always adorning wealthy homes and ancient spaces.

If you invest in faux wood beams for your ceilings you never have to worry about warping or rotting wood, the way you would with real wood. Engineered quartz does not fade under the pressure of heat or acidic materials. Expect items like faux foliage and faux leather counters this year.

In most cases, guests to your office and house are not interested in the cost of your décor. What they carry with them is what they felt within your walls. Faux finishes will ensure you don’t use lack of money as an excuse for not enjoying living in your dream space in 2017.