Where not to place mirrors – Feng Shui experts

Everyone knows about Feng Shui – the ancient philosophy of harmonising with the environment. Now, whether you believe in Feng Shui or not is one thing, but there’s certainly no denying that Feng Shui promotes great flow within a home.

While there are many elements of Feng Shui, interior decorators and designers are most intrigued by mirrors and their placement. Mirrors are used in several areas of a home, and they serve a multitude of purposes. While mirrors are used to see reflections, they can also expand a space visually and speed or slow down the flow of energy in space. By placing mirrors at correct areas, you can transform your home into a serene and calm abode.

Most home decorators are usually stumped when it comes to mirrors and Feng Shui. It is because Feng Shui does not indicate where one should place mirrors. However, Feng Shui experts all agree on where mirrors should not be placed in a home. Continue reading to find out where you shouldn’t place mirrors in your home.

Directly across the front door

Most Feng Shui experts recommend not to place mirrors directly across the front door. It is because Feng Shui places a lot of importance on the front door – it allows opportunities to enter a home. Placing a mirror directly across the front door will lead to positive opportunities being reflected away. A better place for mirrors is perpendicular to your front door.


Placing mirrors in kitchens, especially close to a stove, is a big no with Feng Shui experts. It is because Feng Shui practitioners believe that mirrors in kitchens reflect and amplify negative energies. So, if you’ve been considering a fancy mirror backsplash for your kitchen, you should probably think again.

End of hallways

Placing mirrors in hallways is considered as positive by Feng Shui experts as it promotes the flow of energy. However, mirrors should never be placed at the end of hallways as they can tend to slow the energy flow. So, keep your mirrors away from the ends of your hallway, and you’ll do just fine.

Facing work desks

Another big no with Feng Shui practitioners is putting up mirrors facing a work desk. Thanks to the reflective properties of mirrors, placing them across a work desk will mean doubling your workload. And, nobody likes to look at themselves when working, so mirrors should be kept away from work desks.

Behind beds or sofas

Every Feng Shui expert will always tell you not to place mirrors behind beds or sofas. Placing mirrors behind sofas or beds will remove the sense of security that furniture placed against walls provides. Feng Shui is all about promoting a safe and relaxed feeling in your space, and you should never place mirrors behind your furniture.


While mirrors are commonplace in most bedrooms, you must always be wary about where you place a mirror. Bedrooms are meant for complete relaxation, and you don’t want energy to needlessly flow around in your space, which is exactly what mirrors do. In fact, if you have been experiencing troubles with sleep, mirrors in your bedroom are probably the culprit. Some Feng Shui experts recommend not to use mirrors in bedrooms while others recommend using mirrors sparingly in bedrooms. Whatever you do, never place a mirror on a wall facing your bed.


No bathroom can do without a mirror. However, when it comes to proper mirror placement in bathrooms according to Feng Shui, certain areas must be avoided. Feng Shui practitioners will always advise you against placing mirrors directly across the toilet or the door. Apart from the fact that mirrors will reflect energy away, you really don’t want to be looking at yourself seated on the toilet. Again, placing mirrors perpendicular to the door or the toilet is a much better idea.

Living rooms

Mirrors are always welcome in living rooms, even with Feng Shui experts. However, mirrors can double the energy of the people present in the room. So, if you invite too many people over, you may have too much energy to deal with. Also, in case of arguments or heated debates, the energy may just spiral out of control. Even if you can’t do much with your mirror placement, you can always choose whom to invite over!

These are some areas of your home where you must never place mirrors according to Feng Shui experts. Just avoid these areas when you’re placing your mirrors, and you’ll do just fine.

Are you a Feng Shui practitioner yourself? Do you follow any specific rules when placing mirrors in your space? Do let me know in the comments below and I’ll be more than looking forward to hearing from you!